Last Minute Party Tips

You get a phone call from your significant other telling you that they invited 20 or so friends over to watch pay-per-view boxing, tonight. You have 4 hours to prepare for guests. What do you do? Follow these Last Minute Party Tips.

Prioritize by Making a List

The first thing to do. is not panic. Sit down, take a deep breath, and make a list. A list will let you concentrate on the individual task hand, without having a total meltdown over what needs to be done to pull this off as if you have known for a week.

After you have written out your list. Take a marker and cross off all but the top three. Whether you know it or not you just prioritized what needs to be done.

My Top Three

My top three items on my list are almost always, clean house, food and drinks, and entertainment for my guest.

  • Entertainment is handled. After all, in this situation, it is for a pay-per-view, Boxing Event. Mostly I just want to be sure the fight is ordered and ready to watch. Ideally, it is ready to go on two TVs. One inside, and another outside on the patio.


  • Food and Beverages are an absolute must when entertaining. Unless you have on hand, ready-made appetizers, this could be your most time-consuming of your top three. When you take into consideration menu planning, a trip to the store, prep time. You will have consumed all the time you have left. A great alternative is to utilize one or two of the delivery services that are now available.


  • What Delivery Service should I use? In today’s world, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, you can get so many things delivered to your front door. A few of my favorites are with their express services,, and Amazon Grocery. For Alcohol Delivery, a good place to start is with Drizly or DoorDash.




  • That Leaves us with Cleaning. You do not need to spring-clean your place, to shine. A quick wipe-down of the area your guest will be in. Sit down in those areas and take a look around. What do you see? Remember if you are like me I am my worst critic. What you see and what your guest see are two different things. Using cleaning products that smell good, will help give the overall impression that your place is freshly clean. One more important matter is to make sure you have plenty of tissue (TP) on hand in your restrooms, along with drying towels and a hand sanitizer.

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