Cool Water Balloon Game, “Oh Shit”

If you are looking for a cool water balloon game for groups look no further. The drinking game, “Oh Shit”  is a game that uses a water balloon that is launched straight up in the air. The players are in a circle, with one player (the launcher) in the middle. After the balloon is launched players can not move out of the circle, or look upwards. Hands must stay at a player’s side. Just wait until you feel the sensation of not knowing where the water balloon will land. Who it will land on. The first words that come to my mind are,  “oh shit”.

Items you will need, to play, “Oh Shit”

Balloon Launcher

Water Balloons

Beer or Your Choice of an Adult Beverage





Form a circle putting an arm’s length of distance between each player.  See fig 1

Deciding who goes first.

  • The oldest player and the youngest player will step forward and flip a coin.
  • The winner of the coin toss will become the launcher and will step into the middle of the circle.
  • The runner-up will return to the player’s circle. He will become the next launcher in line. ( Note the rotation will begin with the runner-up’s position in the circle and rotate to his/her right.



  • The player in the center of the circle ( The Launcher), will launch a water balloon straight up into the air.
  • After the water balloon has left the launcher, all players much remain with one foot planted and may not look up, or cover their heads until the balloon has landed.



Just like Baseball, Oh Shit uses the (3 strikes and you are out) rule. But that is where the similarities end, between Baseball and Oh Shit. Players can receive a strike against their play in the following ways.

Water Balloon lands on a player
  • If the water balloon lands on someone in the circle, that person drinks, and receives a strike against them.
Water Balloon lands near a player or players.
  •  If the water balloon lands near a person or between two people and the players get wet, each player drinks, but does not receive a strike against their play.
Water Balloon lands on the launcher
  • If the water balloon lands on the launcher, the launcher drinks, receives a strike, and passes the position of the launcher to the next person in line. (remember the line starts with the runner-up of the coin toss and rotates to their right.)  The outgoing launcher goes back to the circle and takes the place of the incoming launcher.
Water Balloon lands outside of the circle
  • If the water balloon lands more than 6 feet, outside of the circle of players, the launcher drinks and receives a strike, but continues on as the launcher.
Water Balloon breaks before leaving the water balloon launcher apparatus
  • Believe it or not, this happens quite often. It takes some skill and practice to use a 3 man balloon launcher as a solo launcher. This does not mean you get, “a bye” on the play, though. If the launcher breaks the water balloon while attempting to launch it into the air, he/she receives a strike and must drink. But will continue on as the launcher.
Take a pass on being the launcher
  • A person can take a pass when it is their turn to become the launcher. A player must drink all of his/her drink and take a strike, in order to pass the launcher position to the next player in line.
A Player is out of the game when he/she receives 3 strikes. They must finish their drink and exit the game.





  • Filling the water balloons half full, about the size of a Lemon will help in the water balloon not breaking before leaving the launcher apparatus.


  • When launching the water balloon try to put only the tip of your shoe into the launcher handle. This will help in the release of the balloon and helps in preventing the water balloon from breaking before it is launched.

I hope you enjoy playing, “Oh Shit”, A REALLY COOL WATER BALLOON GAME.

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